Too often in the world of training, the solution is the first thing decided upon, rather than the last. At Momentum Matters we believe that the starting point is a blank piece of paper...


Why a blank piece of paper? We believe that the desired results of the training must come before, not the name of the course. This means that we start with your end in mind.


Why focus on behaviours and desired results? So that we can break these down into the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people can acquire, develop or adopt. This means that we understand what you need to see applied in the workplace.


Why focus on knowledge, skills and attitudes? They are the basis of the learning objectives for the training. This means that the learning is focused and not a waste of time and money.


Why clear learning objectives? This ensures that each element of the training will have a clear purpose and is relevant to learner needs. This means that it is more likely to hit the right mark.


How do you hit the right mark? Build the right infrastructure to support learning before, during and after the training. You respect how adults learn; you bring participants through the learning cycle; you cater for different learning styles; and you constantly change states. This means that learners stay engaged and, more importantly, that they actually learn.


This means that they are much more likely to apply their learning in the workplace, i.e. you can observe the desired new behaviours being applied.


This means that you got the return on your investment that you needed!