Facilitation is about helping groups of people have conversations with themselves. It is about giving the team a voice and allowing members to communicate with each other in a coherent manner. We offer both facilitation of groups and team coaching, a process not dissimilar from 1:1 coaching, but with the whole team involved.

Group Facilitation

Groups and teams often need to establish:


  • Where are we right now?

  • Where have we come from?

  • Where are going to end up if we keep going the way we are now?

  • Where do we want to be?

  • How can we best get there?


If any of those questions resonate with you, pick up the phone and call to arrange a time for us to meet and explore how we can support your group to move forward and build momentum.

Team Formation and Team Coaching

A team is:


  • A group of people

  • With complementary skills

  • Who work interdependently

  • Who are committed to a common purpose and common goals

  • For which they hold themselves mutually accountable


Team formation and coaching are intrinsic components to supporting a team to move to high performance. We can support your team to move to high performance and build the momentum it requires.