Momentum Matters is dedicated to enabling individuals, teams and organisations to move forward through the exploration and development of the values, mindsets and behaviours required for success in their role, organisation or industry.

We provide:


  • Leadership and executive coaching to support leaders at all levels of organisations to not only DO and better perform, but to show up and BE how they need to model their personal and their organisation's values.


  • Specialist training to unleash and develop individual capability, including:

    • Leadership and management development,

    • Performance management to enable meaningful workplace performance conversations,

    • Presentation and public speaking skills, to enable everyone to articulate their message, and

    • Facilitation skills and train the trainer to generate collaborative learning environments.


  • Team facilitation and team coaching to enable teams have meaningful conversations about what they do, why they do it and how they can do it more successfully. 

Our development solutions are built on clearly identifying individual, team and organisational learning needs, designing solutions which are engaging and meaningfully acknowledge the needs of adult learners, that focus on what people DO and how they BE, and on the overarching need to deliver real behavioral change and business results.

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Connor McDonough


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Connor is an experienced Co-active leadership coach, with extensive specialist experience as a facilitator and trainer. He brings over 20 years experience, in Ireland and Canada, developing individual, team and organisational performance.

He collaborates with clients to set their internal GPS to get them moving faster in the right direction. He first seeks to appreciate the context of his clients, in order to get to the heart of what really matters and collaboratively shapes solutions to facilitate real results.

He has worked across the civil service, broader public sector, third level institutions, financial services, the energy, entrepreneurial and tourism sectors.

In addition to his core development specialties (Leadership, Management Development, Performance Management, Train the Trainer, Presentation Skills, and Change Management) he also designs and delivers programmes to develop Personal Effectiveness, Strategic Thinking, Influencing Skills and Project Management competence and confidence. He utilises a combination of training, coaching and facilitation methodologies to achieve learning and development objectives.